Monday, May 27, 2013

NM Sprint in Skien and selection races

Saturday the Norwegian Championship in Sprint was arranged in Skien. The race was also selection race for Nordic Tour (World Cup) and World Games, and one of the highlights for me this year.

The Sprint Qualification in the morning went well, and I was fastest in heat 1 after solid race. Results, splits and map

The Final was held the same evening. I did a really good technical performance, and think I took the best route choice on all major legs. My result was a 2nd place, 10 sec behind Emil Wingstedt. I had a bit slow start and lost some seconds on the longer legs in the first half of the course, but was fastest in the last part of the course. Results, splits, map and GPS tracking 

Skien was a great place for sprint orienteering, and the event was well organized in all ways. The map made by Helge Gisholt was perfect and easy to read in high speed, and the courses challenging and fair. This shows that it's not a problem to make good sprint races if you have experienced map makers and course planers. I hope my club Wing OK will do the same when they organize NM Sprint in Trondheim next year.

News from
Jakter Kongepokal i Skien sentrum
- Dette er noe jeg kan sette frem i stuen
Norgescuplister sammenlagt, resultater og statistikk

The previous week has been though, with both selection races in Long and Middle distance on Hedemarken and a short training camp with the National Team on Vikersund before NM Sprint. The Long distance went OK, and I finished 8th, 5 min behind Magne Dæhli. (Results, splits and map with GPS tracking) In the Middle I was 12th, 3 min behind Anders Nordberg. (Results, splits and map with GPS tracking)

This evening it was published that I'm selected to both Nordic Tour (World Cup) in June and World Games in Colombia in August:
Uttak Nordic Tour
- Knallsterkt lag til World Games

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