Monday, June 6, 2011

Elitserien Sprint in Falun

 Map from Elitserien Sprint in Falun Today the last of the Elitserien and pre EOC race is Dalarna was held with a Sprint in Falun. It was a nice area for sprint, with a lot of tricky map reading in high speed. The first part of my race went well, and on the spectator control I was on a 2nd place, 2 seconds behind Jonas Leandersson. The second loop started also well, but on the long leg to the 16th control I took a route choice to the left, and then started orienteering to the 13th control. I lost more than 40 seconds because of this mistake, and finished on a 9th place, 59 second behind Leandersson, who did a great race and won clearly. Results, splits and GPS tracking

Kvaal Østerbø løp fort, men orienterte feil,

Friday, June 3, 2011

Elitserien Long in Mora

 Maps from Elitserien Long in Mora This long weekend three races in the Swedish Elitserien are arranged in Dalarna, as a pre EOC before next years European Championship.

Pictures from Elitserien in Dalarna The first race was yesterday, with a 20 km long mass start in Mora. The terrain was very nice, and made it possible to run really fast. Olav Lundanes showed again how strong is, and won clearly. After a strong finish I came on 5th place, 4 min behind Olav, and less then one minute from the second place. I was satisfied with my performance, and did only a few 15 seconds mistakes during the race. But in the middle part where I was running mainly alone I did not managed to keep fast enough speed, and on the long leg where I was running on paths to the left I lost almost one minute compared to the ones running straight. It was a good day for IFK Lidingö because Fredrik Johansson came 3rd and Annika Billstam won the women’s class. Results, splits and GPS tracking

Pictures from Elitserien in Dalarna Elitserien continues tomorrow with Middle distance, but I will not run that race since I want to some good training this weekend and found 3 races too tough. The Middle distance can be followed live from 11.00 – 13.30 on Saturday. The last Elitserien race is a Sprint in Falun on Monday.

This weekend my Norwegian club Wing OK will arrange Trondheim Open. Sunday’s chasing start has GPS tracking that can be followed live from 12.00.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

NM Sprint in Arendal

 Maps from NM Sprint Qual Last weekend the Norwegian Championship in Sprint were arranged in Arendal at the south coast of Norway. Both the Qualification and Final had finish in the city centre, which was a great place for a sprint race.

Pictures from NM Sprint In the Qualification I found it difficult to find out where you could run on several legs, since the map had many small details and narrow passages. To the 2nd control I thought I could pass between the pond and cliff just before the control, but had to give up and lost more than one and a half minute, since the organizers had put up some stripes and I was afraid to be disqualified. I ran OK the rest of the race, and could still qualify for the afternoons Final. Results and splits

 Maps from NM Sprint FinalPictures from NM Sprint In the Final I did a quite good race, without any big mistakes. To the 4th and 8th control I lost a few second on my route choice, and to the 17th control I almost ran up some wrong stairs. Olav Lundanes finished 7 seconds faster than me, but got disqualified because ha had passed a forbidden are just in front of the 5th control. The forbidden area was smaller then the standard and almost impossible to see on the map, so I found it not so fun to win the race that way. Elise Egseth won finally her first title in a Norwegian Championship, so it was a great day for Wing OK. Results, splits and GPS tracking

 Maps from CC Middle Sunday a Middle distance in the Norwegian Craftcup were held from Myra, north of Arendal. I did an OK race, and lost only around 15 seconds some places. My result was an 8th place, 2 minutes behind Anders Nordberg. Results, splits and GPS tracking

Today I am going to run a 20 km long mass start in the Swedish Elitserien in Mora, and the race can be flowed live from 13.00.

Stafettdrømmen kan ryke for Østerbø, Adressa 30th May 2011
Hvem disket Olav og er det ok?, Halden SK 31th May 2011