Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dislocated shoulder in Norwegian Night Champs

Map from NM Night Yesterday the Norwegian Championship in Night orienteering was held in Fredrikstad. I started almost last in the mass start, because of the alphabetic start order, and had problems to pass too many of the 120 runners in front of me on the narrow paths and up the steep hills on the long leg to the first control.

When I was trying to climb a cliff just after the 6th control I dislocated my right shoulder. In the beginning I hoped I could get it back in position at once, and some runners stopped and tried to help me. But it didn’t success, and I told the others to continue their race, and started walking back to the finish. Luckily I was just 100 meters to a drinking control, and the guy there called for a car that picked me up just a few hundred meters from the drinking control.

Map from NM Night When I came to the arena the shoulder was very stiff, and the doctor had to work for about 15 minutes before the shoulder came back in position. That was a big relief for me. After that I went to the hospital and took X-ray, and luckily nothing was broken. I want to thank all the people that helped me yesterday night!

Olav Lundanes won the race. Results and GPS tracking part 1 and part 2

I have dislocated the same shoulder once before, and that was also in the Norwegian Night Champs in Østfold in 2008. From the progression I had then I think I can start running on roads after a few days, but should avoid running in forest the coming week. But it shouldn’t be any risk for 10mila in two weeks and the Europeean Champs that starts in three weeks.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

EOC selection Sprint

Map from EOC selection Sprint Tonight the first Norwegian selection race for EOC was arranged with a Sprint in Oslo. I did a stable performance, but lost up to 5 sec several places. The running speed was OK, but not the best after being sick for four days after the training camp in Switzerland last week. Olav Lundanes won clearly, and I came on a 4th place, some seconds behind Emil Wingsted and Lars Skjeset. Results and splits

Tomorrow the Norwegian Championship in Night orienteering is held in Fredrikstad. You can follow the race live with GPS tracking, speaker sound and live results from 21.30. The men’s senior class is starting last, with mass start 22.20. On Sunday we have the last selection race for EOC, with a Long distance in Halden.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

10mila training

Map from Svartnatta In the Easter I spent some days with my club IFK Lidingö training in relevant terrain for 10mila.

The training camp was started with the two man night relay Svartnatta (that was not in very relevant terrain for 10mila). We had in total 9 man’s teams, and I was running the first leg for one of them. I did a stable performance, and could change over to Filip Dahlgren as second runners, 12 seconds behind Södertälje. Filip did a good race, and kept the 2nd place, close followed by Malung and Fredrik Johansson for another Lidingö team. In the women’s class Lidingö finished 2nd and 3rd.

Map from 10mila training
After Svartnatta we travelled to Borensberg, where we trained the two following days. (I skipped one of the night trainings since I was going directly to Switzerland for a one week long WOC training camp with the National team.) The terrain around Borensberg is not so special, but quite challenging, especially in the night. Last year Lidingö came 8th in 10mila, and we hope to improve that result this year.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MOC in Italy

Map from MOC sprint training camp In the end of March I spent a very nice week in the south of Italy. The first 5 days I participated in the MOC Sprint Camp organized by Janne Salmi in Gargano, 4 hour drive south east of Rome. I travelled together with runners from the Norwegian national team and our new sprint trainer Emil Wingsted. It was also a lot of other good runners there, like Daniel Hubmann, Matthias Müller and Jerker Lysell. In total we had 6 great sprint trainings in very tricky old cities and 3 trainings in forest.

Pictures from MOC in Italy In the weekend after the training camp the Mediterranean Orienteering Championship was arranged in Rome, with two sprint races and one middle distance held in different parks close to the city centre. I did stable performances in all the races, and finished 6th, 4th and 4th. Overall I also finished 4th, behind Jerker Lysell, Scott Fraser and Matthias Müller. Results

Map from MOC-3 It was a great week in Italy, with several really good sprint trainings, some trainings in challenging forest, the MOC races in Rome, and even a short sprint course finishing in the Vatican. I enjoyed also seeing more of Rome as a tourist together with the nice people I travelled together with.

Pictures from MOC in Italy My Digital Orienteering Map Archive is updated with maps from all the training and MOC races, and you can also find several photos in my picture gallery.