Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas in Trondheim

Pictures from Christmas in Trondheim The autumn in Stockholm was nice, and after the competition season in orienteering ended my time was filled with training, working and seeing friends. I can not remember a single day with minus degrees or snow, so the conditions were great both for general running training and orienteering in the forest. IFK Lidingö have got several new runners the last month, and we have a big group of both boys and girls who are training well and having fun together.

Pictures from Christmas in Trondheim The last one and a half week I have spent Christmas holiday in Trondheim. The weather has been variable, but the skiing conditions have been stable and good, so I have been skiing a few hours almost every day, in addition to some longer runs, interval sessions and strength training. It has also been nice to see my family and several old friends, and the days in Trondheim have passed too fast.