Sunday, February 5, 2012

The last week in Kenya and safari in Nakuru

Pictures from Kenya After training on high altitude in Eldoret in Kenya a bit more then 3 weeks I left the place to spend the last days of January on Zanzibar. (More about the days on Zanzibar will come later.)

On the way from Eldoret to Nairobi Niklas Serrander and I stopped in Nakuru, and went on safari in the Lake Nakuru National Park for about five hours.

Pictures from Kenya It was exciting to see the animals on close hold out in the nature, and we were able to see buffalo, monkey, zebra, rhino, giraffe, antilope, pelicans and many other birds and smaller animals.

I have made a new picture gallery with 65 photos from the safari.

Pictures from Kenya I was really satisfied with my training during the 3 weeks I stayed I Eldoret, and was able to run much more than I have ever done before; 193 + 204 + 180 km. The last week I started to be tired, and had to take a day with only one running session after some of the intensive sessions. Anyway I felt strong during the whole period, but think 3 week was enough if I should be able to train with the quality and quantity I did during my stay in Eldoret.

Pictures from Kenya Before I went to Kenya I had hoped to be able to climb a big mountain. To Mt. Kenya (5199 m.a.s.l.), the second highest peak in Africa, it would take at least 7 hours drive each way, plus 2 – 4 days to climb the mountain. Mt. Elgon (4321 m.a.s.l.) was just a few hours drive from Eldoret, but since it was not any huts close to the peak we would have needed to bring a tent if we did not managed to take the whole trip in one day. I decided it would be to though or take to many days to climb a mountain this time, but guess I will try to climb Mt. Kenya in the end of my stay next time I am coming back to Kenya.

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