Monday, January 23, 2012

Lake Baringo and cross country race

Pictures from Kenya I have soon been three weeks in Kenya and are enjoying the life. Last Friday we hired a car with driver and went 150 km north east to Lake Baringo. It is a beautiful place, and during a two hour long boat ride we where able to see hippos, crocodiles and several birds. Some of us took also the chance to take a swim in the middle of the lake. On the way home we stopped some places where it was a nice view.

Pictures from Kenya Yesterday it was arranged a cross country race a few kilometres from where we stay in Eldoret. I decided to run in the junior class since they only had 8 km long course and the start was earlier then the 12 km for seniors (so we should be back to our accommodation before our lunch). The start ended up being 30 minutes before the time schedule, so I was only able to warm up a few minutes, but it was not a big problem since I had been running one hour before breakfast.

Pictures from Kenya It was around 500 runners on the start line and everybody started really fast so I was one last one in the field in the beginning. But after less than 1 km I started to pass several runners. Many runners quit the race after they had been running 2 – 6 km, either because they had opened to fast, of because they normally compete on shorter distances and just wanted a good training in relevant speed.

Pictures from Kenya I managed to keep a quite steady speed the whole race, and my time was 27.30 for the 8 km long course. I have not seen any results from the race, but guess I could have finished approximately as number 250 of the 300 runners finish the race, 3 – 4 min behind the winner (that is African champion).

My picture gallery is now updated 80 new photos from the last days.

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