Thursday, January 5, 2012

January in Kenya

Pictures from Kenya After spending the Christmas in Trondheim with a lot of skiing, I made a big change when I on the New Years day was flying to Kenya. Together with five orienteering friends from the Stockholm area I will spend almost the whole month at high altitude in Eldoret.

Several of the world best long distance runners are from this area, and if you take a morning run you have a good chance to meet a former World Champion. We are staying in the guest house of Isabellah Andersson. Isabellah is one of the best marathon runners in the world, with 2.23 as PB. She is originally Kenyan, but now competing for Sweden since she is married with the Swede Lars Andersson.

Pictures from Kenya The first days we have been doing only easy training, to acclimatise to the high altitude, 2150 m.a.s.l. The runs have been 40 – 90 minutes, and in addition we have done some running exercises, strength training and stretching.

We have now got a stable internet connection, so I will try my best to update the blog from Kenya. So far I have uploaded 50 photos. Before I travelled to Kenya made an interview with me about my thought for the trip: Øystein satser på mer spesifikk trening

At last I want to wish you all a happy new year!


  1. Hei! Hienot on maisemat ja olosuhteet harjoitteluun. Onko näkynyt kepardeja?

    Likaiset leireilevät Tampereella, eikä luntakaan ole ollut aivan hirveästi. Tänään kovaa sprinttailua ja huomenna pitkä multiteknikaali(Multitechnical).

    Menestystä kauteen 2012!