Monday, March 21, 2011

Ready for MOC on Sicily

MOC Yesterday I was travelling to the Italian island Sicily, where the Mediterranean Orienteering Championship will be organized this week.

From Monday to Thursday I will participate in MOC Sprint Camp, a training camp organized by former Finish National team Coach and World Champion Janne Salmi. I will be several good trainings, with mainly focus on sprint, since it is a lot of old cities there which are perfect for sprint orienteering. But it will also be trainings in different types of forest, and a long run to the top of the volcano Mt. Etna.

Unfortunately we are only a few runners from Norway, but it will be a lot of other international runners participating, among them Daniel Huhmann and parts of the Swiss and Swedish National team.

Friday to Sunday the Mediterranean Orienteering Championship will be held, with two sprint races and a middle distance. I have never been on Sicily before, so I am looking forward to discover the island and running orienteering in warm weather again.

Here you can watch a video of me training in Matera during the MOC Camp 2008:

MOC Sprint Tour på Sicilia,

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  1. Go Oystein fut fut :))
    Have fun and enjoy the summer in Italy!
    Good luck champ!