Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lidingö - Trondheim

After I came home from Turkey in the end of February I stayed one week on Lidingö, where I am going to move in the beginning of April. I were training together with my new club IFK Lidingö every day, and had a really good week, including several long runs, intervals, strength and speed training. I did also my first session with cross country skiing in Stockholm. When I was on Lidingö I also got more info about the work I will do for the club. I will work 50 % as project leader for organizing on Lidingö. I am responsibly for making a huge orienteering map covering the whole island. The map will have around 100 permanent controls, and will both be distributed to all the 40.000 people living on Lidingö, and be available on the website I have several competent persons to help me with the project, so it will hopefully work well.

The last week I have been home in Trondheim, where is has been great conditions for cross country skiing. After several weeks with almost only running, it was good for my legs to do some alternative training. is a great web page, developed by former WOC relay champion Bernt Bjørnsgaard, showing when the major ski tracks have been made.

Thursday was a fantastic day, with sunshine, fresh snow and perfect tracks, and I was skiing through most parts of both Bymarka and Leinstrandmarka, in total more than three and half hour and 50 km. It is nice to again could ski from Granåsen in the south east part of Bymarka, since it was totally embargoed the four years before WOC 2010. Anyway I am doing most of my skiing in Strindamarka, since it is less than 5 minutes drive from my home (and not as much as 10 minutes, as it is to Granåsen). Next week I will hopefully also explore the tracks in Malvikmarka, where the WOC qualifications where held, and Klæbu.

Yesterday I was competing in my first (and only) ski-orienteering race this season on Kvikne, 120 km south of Trondheim. The Norwegian Ski-o Team had their last training camp before the World Champs held in Sweden in the end of March, and Harald Svergja had made a nice network of tracks used for an open race. The conditions were challenging, since it was possible to make short cuts between the tracks in the down hills. Most of my race went quite well, even if I missed the specific training for skiing in narrow scooter tracks. But after half of the second loop I broke one of my skies, lost more than 3 minutes on the last part, and finished 5 minutes behind Lars Moholdt.

When it is good conditions I find ski-orienteering even more fun than orienteering, and I have missed doing more competitions this winter. But since my main focus at the moment is orienteering I have tried to run as much as possible this winter, and therefore I will go to MOC on Sicily the last week in March, and not compete in the Ski-o WOC in Tänndalen, just 3 hours drive from Trondheim.

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