Friday, November 23, 2012

Barcelona - Primiero - Venezia

In the beginning of November I had a 10 days long trip to the South of Europe. My goal for the trip was to run some good competitions and training in warm weather, with main focus on sprint orienteering.

The trip started with the 2 day competition TICBCN in Barcelona, that I already have written about. After the races I stayed two more days in Barcelona.

Monday I took it quite easy, and did some work on my laptop in the morning, before I went to the city for sightseeing and an easy run in the evening. Tuesday I did 2 sprint trainings in the morning and a strength training in the evening. My team mate in IFK Lidingö Biel Rafols and his family was very helpful, and let me stay in their home during my time in Barcelona.

Wednesday morning I took a flight to Treviso in Italy, and continued with train to Primiero in the Dolomites, where I stayed with my friend Giancarlo Simion. JWOC was arranged in Primiero in 2009, and it is a lot of good maps covering nice terrains in the area.

The first night I did a sprint training, and on Thursday I was able to run on both the map from the JWOC Relay and the mens Long distance course on Passo Rolle. The view in the Dolomites is fantastic, as you can see on my pictures from Primiero, and I was also able to taste the local food and drinks.

Friday I continued my travel to Venezia, where I was running the Venezia street orienteering race, that I also already have written about.

I did also some trainings on my own in Venezia, to prepare for the WOC 2014 Sprint, that will probably be arranged in the east part of the city. Maps from all the competitions and most of the trainings can be found in my DOMA.

World of O has at the moment a competition where you can vote for Course of the Year 2012. A lot of courses I  have been running are nominated, and I was interview by World of O in connection with the nomination process.

Here you can watch a video from the race in Venezia:

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