Sunday, November 4, 2012

TICBCN in Barcelona

This weekend I have been in Barcelona competing in a 2 day event called TICBCN. I was running the same event last time it was arranged, two years ago, and really wanted to come back. Here you can see my maps from 2010: Sprint, micro sprint and long.

Saturday a sprint was arranged in the historical center. I did a solid performance, and my only mistake was a 5 seconds time loss on my route choice to the 8th control. It was difficult to run full speed in the narrow streets with a lot of people, and you needed full focus the entire time to do a clean race without hesitation. I won the race with 7 seconds down to Yannick Michiels. Results

Sunday a shorter long distance was held from the Olympic Stadium on the Montjuic hill. It was the same place as the long distance last time, but partly a different part of the area. It was very hilly and the 8,4 km long course had more than 400 meters of climbing. I did a mainly good race, and tried to take safe route choices and avoid fences and walls that could be difficult to pass. To the 9th control I lost some time in the control circle and to the 10th control I had as most of the other runners problems to understand from the map exactly where I had to run to get into the castle. I was able to win also today (and overall) in front to Yannick Michiels. Oleksandr Kratov came 3rd, with a small margin down to Pieter Hendrickx. Results Long and Overall

I think TICBCN is a really nice event, and it's on a time of the year when the season is over in Scandinavia and the weather can be quite bad. So it's great to come here and run in short pants and t-shirt when it's 20 degrees and sun. Barcelona is also a very beautiful city, so I hope it will be more foreign runners here next time. I have not taken so many pictures this time, but my pictures from 2010 is worth a look. Then I visited some of the tourist attractions, such as the city center, the harbor, La Sagrada Família, Camp Nou, the Olympic Park and Parc Güell with Gaudí architecture.

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