Monday, October 28, 2013

Victory in Smålandskavlen with IFK Lidingö

Last weekend I ended my orienteering season competing in the traditional relay Smålandskavlen in Oskarshamn south east in Sweden. The terrain was really nice, and I got a good feeling after Saturdays training.

Anders Carlsson and Filip Dahlgren gave us an excellent start of the relay, being 4th and 1st on the two individual night legs, and Niklas Serrander could start the first day leg in the lead. Niklas has been sick this autumn and is not in his best shape, but did an impressive performance doing almost none mistakes.

I started out on the 4th leg as 3rd runner, 3 min behind Scott Fraser (SNO) and 11 sec behind Jacob Lööf (Malungs). I lost 10 - 30 sec to both the 2nd, 3rd and 4th control, and got caught by Jere Pajunen (Kalevan Rasti) that started 50 sec after me. He held a good speed, but to the 7th control I passed him, and after that I was mostly first of us. I was accurate in my orienteering, and felt I ran pretty well.

The 14th and 15th control was forked, and I took over the lead, passing SNO and Malungs without knowing it. To the 17th I was running to the left of the march, and just before the control I met both KR, SNO and Malaungs who had been running to the right. To the 18th I ran too much to the right, and needed to use the last longer leg to catch up a 15 sec gap to the others. I managed to pass Malungs and KR in the run in, and could change over as 2nd team, 3 sec behind SNO.

Fredrik Johansson did an excellent last leg. Together with Malungs and SNO he managed to run away from Thierry Gueorgiou (KR), who was tired, and in the same forking where I took over the lead he took an other route then the others, increased his speed, and managed to come alone to the finish. It was a great feeling to end the season winning one of the big relays together with my mates in IFK Lidingö! Results and GPS tracking

Fredrik Johansson avgjorde Smålandskavlen,

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