Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Busy autumn season

The last two month has been really busy for me, with a lot of competitions and several training camps. The short periods I have been home I have spent my time working, and unfortunately not had time to update this blog with maps and pictures.

Since the beginning of September I have had this program:
  • WOC 2014 training camp with the Norwegian National team in Asiago in Italy
  • Norwegian Champs on Kongsberg
  • Races in Alta Badia and WOC training in Asiago in Italy
  • Arranging and running Lidingöloppet home on Lidingö in Stockholm
  • World Cup final in Baden in Switzerland
  • WOC training camp with IFK Lidingö in Asiago in Italy
  • 25manna relay in Stockholm
  • Park World Tour in China
  • Smålandskavlen relay in Oskarshamn

Now I have my season break, and will finally have time to publish some maps, pictures and short reports. Yesterday I wrote about IFK Lidingö's victory in Smålandskavlen, and tomorrow I will write about PWT in China. I had planed to make some updates from China, but since many apps and websites (like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and Picasa) are blocked there it made in difficult.

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