Monday, February 4, 2013

Bergen Sprint Camp

Last weekend i participated in Bergen Sprint Camp together with 250 other orienteering runners, including the Norwegian National Team. In total it was 6 quality trainings in 3 days, where 4 of them was with high intensity and counted as an overall competition.

My best performance was the City Sprint, where I had the fastest time. I took not the best route choice on all legs, but had a good flow in my orienteering and almost avoided hesitation. You can see my map to the left, and a route choice analysis made by Jan Kocbach. The organizers page with results, all maps, GPS tracking and GPS analyses are well worth a visit. Rune Olsen and Mari Fasting was the overall winners after the Knock Out Sprint.

I was a bit tired during the training camp, and could still feel the jet lag after coming home from New Zealand. It was still really good trainings, and I hope to come back to Bergen Sprint Camp also next year. Last night I visited my uncle, and I will today have a long run to Gullfjellet with Jan Fjærestad and Ivar Haugen, before I go home tonight.

Annica Gustafsson has written a longer report (in Swedish) on IFK Lidingö's homepage.

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