Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lidingö camp in Guardamar

In the middle of February i spent 10 days in the Alicante area in Spain on training camp with my club IFK Lidingö. We stayed in Guardamar, where JWOC middle distance was arranged in 2002.

A camp like this is often almost only orienteering trainings with map. But I wanted to have a good training period with different types of training, and skipped some of the orienteering trainings to do running on hard surface, running exercises and some longer trainings.

Fredrik Johansson and I arrived on Wednesday 11th Feb, two days before most of the other Lidingö runners.

Thursday we ran the Long and Middle course from the World Cup held North West of Murcia in April 2014.

Friday I joned Fredrik for a 90 min progressive run. We started running 4.00 min/km, and increased the speed every 10 min. I finished with 3.20, while Fredrik ran a bit longer and faster. In the afternoon I did the first of many training on the Guardamar maps along the coast.

Saturday the club camp started, and we did two shorter orienteering trainings (plus running exercises).

Sunday we had three orienteering sessions; a normal course, a relay simulation and a night orienteering training.

Monday I took a day off from running, and did a 5 h bike ride with Niels-Peter Foppen. We biked over a mountain to Hondon, where we ate lunch. Both the nature and weather was great.

Tuesday I did running exercises lead by Anders Gärderud plus a tricky sprint training in Alicante.

Wednesday most of the Lidingö runners did a long run i the mountains. I did also a night orienteering training.

Thursday we had a tough day, with a prologue plus a night orienteering chasing start. I won the prologue, and was running alone  most of the chasing start. But I blow it in the end, and was passed by almost all the others to the last control. Many Lidingö runners are training good and running well at the moment.

Friday I again did running exercises with Gärderud plus a sprint training. This time at the university in Elx, where full speed the whole way was required. Nick Simonin, Mårten Boström and I all finished within 1 second.

Saturday I ended the camp with a long orienteering course plus some road running. (Most of the others stayed one day longer then me.)

In totalt I would say it was a great training camp, with a lot of good trainings together with almost 20 other Lidingö runners. Thanks to the club and our trainer Thomas Furuheim who organized everything!

Pictured from Guardamar

Maps in my DOMA

Lidingö's GPS tracking

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