Monday, August 27, 2012

SM Sprint in Gävle

Last weekend I competed in the Swedish Championship in Sprint held in Gävle.

In Saturdays Qualification I wanted to get  a good feeling, and started almost as offensive as I wanted to do in the Final. I did a good performance, and won my qualification heat. Results

Godt sprintløp ga Kvaal Østerbø seier,

Sundays final went also well, and my only real mistakes was that I lost about 5 seconds on my route choices to the 1st and 18th control. My result was a shared 4th place, behind Jerker Lysell, Jonas Leandersson and William Lind. I was 25 seconds from the gold and 5 seconds from a medal. Results and GPS tracking 

Kinneberg med nytt SM-gull, Kvaal Østerbø nummer 4,

After all the health problems I had during the spring I am now really happy that I have been able to train well for a longer period, and that I am very close to some of the best sprint runners in the World when I do an almost clean technical races.

The Nordic Orienteering Tour are starting in Oslo on Saturday, and I am looking forward to 5 exciting races on Norway, Sweden and Finland. NORT is also the final for this seasons World Cup

- Vi sender hele Nordic Tour "live",

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