Friday, October 7, 2011

World Cup final and WOC training camp in Switzerland

After the World Cup in Liberec the Norwegian team went directly to Switzerland, were we had a training camp in relevant terrains for WOC 2012. We were training both in the Jura Mountains, Mittelland terrain and a nice old city.

The first weekend in October the PostFinance Sprint with World Cup Final was held in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

WC-9 Middle In the middle distance I missed the first control with almost two minute. The rest of the course went well, except a mistake to the 11th control. My result was a 32nd place, 5 minutes behind Thierry Gueorgiou. Results, splits and GPS tracking

WC-10 Sprint The sprint was the race I had the biggest expectations for. But unfortunately my shape has not been the best this autumn, partly because I had problems with my back for more than one month after WOC, and I did also several small route choice mistakes. My result was a 27th place, 1 minute behind Daniel Hubmann. Results, splits and GPS tracking

In the overall World Cup I finished on a 22nd place. Daniel Hubmann won for the forth year in row.

After the WC final five of the Norwegian runners participated on a sprint training camp in the area around Zurich organized by the Swedish team. In 3 days we had 6 sprint trainings on different maps. 3 of them in competition speed. In total we were running 14 courses, with lengths from 1 to 3 km.

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