Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10mila, DM Sprint and NOJM Long

Map from 10mila One week ago 10mila was arranged south of Stockholm. My team mates in IFK Lidingö did a great job during the night, and kept us among the first teams the whole way. On the 9th leg I was running out as 5th runner. I did some mistakes and did not have the best flow, but was able to keep the position. Totally we ended as the 8th team. Our women’s team came on a 2nd place, so in total it was a great 10mila for Lidingö. Results, splits and GPS tracking

Map from DM Sprint Last Thursday the District Championship in Sprint in Stockholm was held in Järfälla. I was running quite well the first part of the race, but in the forest on the end of the race I got really tied, after much training in the beginning of the week. I also lost 15 seconds on a bad route choice to the 19th control, and ended on a 4th place, 34 sec behind Olle Boström. Results and splits

Maps from Long Last Saturday I was running my first Long distance this season, when a competition called Nordic Open Junior Meeting was held from Tyresta south of Stockholm. This was the race that should originally have been the Nordic Championship, and the terrain was really nice. I did a stable performance, and finish 2nd, 3 minutes behind Gustav Bergman (Junior World Champ from 2009, that have showed great shape this spring). Results and splits

Map from WC in France 2010 Today I have travelled to France, where I will do some days with training before the Norwegian WOC selection races are held the coming weekend. I have tried to keep up good training this spring, and so far not done much to sharpen my shape, but still I hope to perform well if I manage to stay focused and keep the map contact through the whole course in the tough and demanding terrain.

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