Friday, March 8, 2013

Antalya O-days and TC in Turkey

In the end of February I spent 10 days in Turkey with my club IFK Lidingö. Both the Norwegian and Swedish national teams where there at the same time, in addition to other top runners. From Norway it was a flight with almost 200 runners participating on Camp Norway.

The first part we spent close to Side and Manavgat, where we participated in Antalya O-days. I was running fast on the 2nd and 4th stage, that where counting as World Ranking Events.

The last part we spent in Antalya where we trained in several different types of terrain. I was a bit tired when I arrived to Turkey, but felt better in the end of the training camp, and the highlight was a knock out sprint training where I was able to finish first in competition with several good runners. On the Camp Norway Blog you can find  videos from the knock out sprint in addition to a lot of other interesting stuff like GPS analyses made by Jan Kocbach.

I have now uploaded maps from all the competitions and trainings to my Digital Orienteering Map Archive and also made a picture gallery.

In overall it was a great training camp, with mainly good maps covering different types of terrains, well organized competitions and a lot of nice people to stay together with. This was my second time in Turkey, and if you have time you can also read my report and look at my pictures from 2011.

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