Saturday, July 14, 2012

WOC Sprint Qual in Lausanne

This morning the WOC Sprint Qualification was held in the University area in Lausanne. We knew it some places was several levels and complex buildings, and expected the course to be quite tricky.

I tried to run as I use to do in qualification races, picking safe and easy route choices, and running fast without pushing maximum. When I finish I knew I could have lost a few seconds of some of my route choices, and that is was possible to run a bit faster, but thought still my race was good enough to qualify for the afternoons final.

My result ended up being a 16th place, one second from qualifying to the final, and 43 seconds behind the winner Frederic Tranchand. Afterwards it easy to see that the course was not as difficult as we had expected, and that it is runners from many different nations who are good in this type of sprint. Is really tight around me on the result list, and by running 15 seconds faster I would have been number 7. I did not do any big mistakes, but lost 5 - 10 seconds to control number 51, 62 and 64. Results and splits in the live centre.

This is the first time since my WOC debut 8 years ago I will miss a Sprint Final, and I am of course very disappointed. As I wrote some days ago I was sick for 3 weeks in the beginning of June, but the last weeks my shape has become much better, and I felt finally prepared to fight for a good position in the final.

Now I will soon go cheering for my team mates in the final, that we be arranges from 16.00 - 18.15 tonight. The race can be followed live on Norwegian television (NRK2) and on the WOC live centre.

Solid sprintkvalifisering av damene,

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